Our show covers a broad spectrum of topics and seeks to illuminate the way in which we learn to learn.


How we teach our kids can make all the difference in how they see themselves and the world we live in. The Genius wants to inspire and educate, and Owen wants to find a good sandwich. Who will find their objective first will be decided by you the listener.


The particle of mass that has so far eluded us, may be just behind the next massive collision or really tiny bits of the universe.


Is it possible that some of us (The Genius thinks of Owen) may say things in public that are better left inside our heads and jail may be closer then you think depending on where you are and how you express yourself.


The best laid plans of pigs and men. We delve into the science of the genome to better predict how to treat disease. Should it surprise anyone that the Genius has a great deal in common with his porcine brothers. Will Owen be┬ámaking’ some bacon?

OvsG ep2 Star Dust