These Dogs love a good pair of Genes

Owen and The Genius seek out and explore genetic engineering and decoding of the human genome to decide if we are ready for venturing into the great frontier of a genetically engineered society. How long will it be before we can cure the greatest diseases of our age and how far should we go to repair genetic abnormalities. What danger does unwrapping the genetic code portend. What privacy and security are we giving up in the name of personalized medicine.What are the new technologies on the way in to cure cancer, in all of its forms. could it be as easy and a warm light and gold?
One large private data base for all or genetic information or does that put to much power in too few hands?
How much of our genome does it take to identify you. What processes can we use to eliminate personally identifiable information and should we privatize the decoding and analysis of our individual genomes.
How can a pair of genes make your diabetes better.
Is this going to be the next frontier of cancer treatments. The Genius thinks so and Owen agrees.
In this article we discuss the manner our brains can be manipulated for our benefit and open up previous unknown senses or restore sensation to lost physical abilities. Can we open up an age where no matter how you came into the world or what misfortune you have had an engineer and brain science specialist can give or restore a new way to interact with the universe.