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OvsG Diamonds are a Sperms Best Friend


What can diamonds do for you future children. The Genius looks into In Vitro Fertilization and how diamonds may in fact be a girls best friend.


Will we be spraying our clothes and vehicles with glitter to power our devices and cars? Will Owen spray his tongue with glitter to power his keen intellect?


Why “News” may not all that it sets itself out to be. We discuss what makes researchers cringe when Fox News speaks.


How to turn your already smart phone into the next best thing to a medical diagnosis.

5 The effect of science in how we age, now and in the future

Are we soon to be travelling into the realm of immortality. Should we seek to be immortal or should we be looking into maximizing our productive lifespan. Owen and the Genius square off on the future and hazards of genetic modified humans.


As I dare this bright light to outshine my intellect, I am reminded of a young boy’s passion to escape the horrible beatings my brother used to level upon me. I’m reminded of our famous fist battles that would ultimately end in my head smashing through something hard. Buried by so many years, those epic forays seem now like so much fog; just the reckless baying of troubled children. Where brothers once stood as foes, now we stand together, mostly.


All those years ago we learned to lock horns and wrestle and bite into the wee hours; but all things change. Today we strap on our convictions, staple our research to the biggest words in our vocabs, dawn our headset mics and dazzle our tongues over an hour of intense agreeing. Well sometimes we may differ, and when we do…it’s a bit more fun.Image

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