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Asteroid Deflection Shield

Today we discuss broad assortment of subjects from our ice age ancestors survival tactics to our journey into space and what it might be like to observe the space we travel through. Does the Genius hold Owen’s feet to the fire or does Owen cause the Genius to hand in his genius card. Who comes out with the greatest insight into the human experience and holds his finger best on the pulse of the future.

How bunnies helped us attain human dominance.

What our plans are to avoid catastrophic destruction from space debris.

Robotic spiders will build or lunar base of the future.

Supermassive black hole spins at near the speed of light.

Superbetter and how we can use technology to improve our health by playing a game.


Quantum computers and how our next technological revolution will evolve.

Barack Obama and drone warfare. Why does the CIA have a black drone combat section that operates outside of Article 10

The little hole in the wall and how it may change the way we educate our children.