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OvsG Die Hard or Live Long

Owen and The Genius riff off on the manner in which science is looking into advancing the experience of living well into the twilight hours of your life. Owen is excited about the idea of medical immortality, and the face off on the moral and social ramifications of a population the ages and is healthy well into their nineties and the first century mark. Extending our productive life span may require nation states to alter their retirement plans for the elderly and even challenge the term elderly as far as when it will apply to individuals. How will humanity handle the challenges of an increasing aging society world-wide, with limited resources and negative environmental footprint. Will we be able to sustain 10 billion people with our current level of food production with increasing diminishing returns in regard to nutrient loss do to over farming. How will we earn our spurs and keep the little blue marble that we live on called space ship Earth habitable for humanity. After all what good is life extension if the world under our feet falls apart on our watch.

We talk about how science today is closer then most of the populous thinks to heal what ails us. From brain injury to cancer to genetically modified humans.


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